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Women Vs Men-Who Smiles the most?

According to Dr. Oz’s Blog The average woman smiles 62 times a day and the average man only 8! Babies smile an average of 200 times a day. And who wouldn’t smile if all you had to do is eat, go to the bathroom, play and sleep! No stress there. So the question that arises is why do women smile more than men? As a woman, I smile a lot because I don’t take myself to seriously. A smile is contagious so I like to give them out because their free! But maybe men don’t smile But It’s an emotional currency whose value can never be measured and when all else fails, we will still have our smile. A smile has power – it can actually increase serotonin for both the giver and the receiver. A smile exudes confidence. Studies have shown that a white, aligned smile signals that someone is healthy, smart and financially secure. Smiles are also associated with youth. One could argue that babies don’t have to worry about their careers and mortgages and have people tending to their every need. I bet you are thinking – I would smile more too if that were my situation!

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