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Wisdom Teeth Removal

Are you experiencing problems with your wisdom teeth, or do you have a teenager with wisdom teeth issues? Wisdom teeth are the most common ones to cause problems when they erupt. They may need removal to prevent oral health issues. Our experienced dental team at Smile Design Studios offers a safe, comfortable environment for wisdom teeth removal, with sedation options available for your comfort.

Wisdom teeth usually arrive between the ages of 17 and 24 and are the last of the molars to erupt. In some cases, wisdom teeth do not pose a problem, and there is no need to have them removed. For others, these large molars can become a nuisance. They put pressure on existing teeth and push them out of alignment. Some wisdom teeth become impacted in the gums, erupting sideways or not at all. In many cases, there is not enough room in the mouth to accommodate these large teeth. Even if they erupt without problems, they can be difficult to keep clean and are prone to decay and infection.

Gentle Wisdom Teeth Extractions

Wisdom teeth are one of the only teeth that are removed as a preventive measure for oral health. It is important to have these teeth monitored as they begin to come in. If there is a potential issue, your dentist may recommend that they be removed. We offer gentle wisdom tooth removal at our office. Many times, all four wisdom teeth are removed at one time. This can be done when they first begin to arrive or later on in life if they begin to cause issues. We offer sedation options to help our patients relax and feel no pain during the procedure.

If you or your child needs wisdom teeth removed in Missouri City, contact Smile Design Studios today to schedule an exam to discuss options. We accept most dental insurance plans for your convenience.

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Ronnie G.

Absolutely amazing staff. Takes the time to make you feel comfortable and at ease. Office is extremely clean and welcoming. Takes care of you as a person and client and not as just a number. Dr. Ellis is truly amazing!

Roderick D.

My experience at Smile Design Studio was a very nice and pleasant one. Everyone is very professional, courteous and approachable. Dr. Ellis is very knowledgeable, caring and makes you feel right at ease. Today was my first visit, but definitely not the last.

Chantelle B.

Thank you Dr. Ellis for your amazing service. Dr. Ellis really cares about her patients and she takes great care of you. Her staff is awesome from the front desk you feel welcomed and my experience was the same all the way through. I was SUPER afraid to have any dental work done but Dr. Ellis made me feel so much better. I would recommend Dr. Ellis to everyone! Thank you Dr. Ellis

Terence H.

Dr. Ellis and her staff are always very professional and create a pleasant dental experience. My entire family is under the care of Dr. Ellis and we appreciate the attention to detail that she provides so that we have healthy teeth and gums. I highly recommend her practice for your dental needs and a beautiful smile!